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Hi, I'm Alexander - I've spent most of my life working with music, arts & design. In 2010 I stumbled upon photography by chance, and I LOVED it ! 

In fact, I loved it so much I am now semi-retired from the music-industry, spending most of my days photographing people. In addition, I am also a wardrobe stylist.

I believe there's something special about photographing people - bringing out that special smile or look from someone. Photographing fashion and beauty, styling and creating fashion-stories. Standing in the front row among the crowd at a venue shooting the band on stage, or shooting corporate portraits for your company.

Meeting new faces and clients, seeing new places, and making new friends - I love every minute of it !


At the moment I'm located in Tønsberg, 1 hour outside of Oslo.

You can reach me at +47 98 22 02 80 or info@alexanderschultz.no


Alexander Schultz